Occupational Therapy

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Pediatric Occupational therapists use their understanding of typical development, the impact of disability, illness or impairment on the individual’s child development and the environments in which children/youth engage to promote increased ability to play, learn and thrive in their various environments (i.e. home, school, work, social).

Your child may benefit from OT if they are experiencing any of the following:

    • Decreased age-appropriate self-care skills (i.e. dressing, bathing, toileting, feeding, etc.)
    • Delays in fine motor skills which impact self-care and academic skills (i.e handwriting, scissor skills, coloring, managing buttons/zippers, shoe tying, etc.)
    • Delays in visual perceptual skills to help children make sense of and interpret what they are seeing
    • Delays in play skills
    • Delays in social-emotional well being and interactions with peers or siblings/family members
    • Sensory Processing Deficits which adversely impact daily functioning (i.e. not wanting to wear certain clothes or eat certain foods, touch certain items, adverse reactions to certain noises, etc.)