Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms are designed to stimulate one’s senses through sights, sounds, textures, smells and movement. Ducktails offers sensory room therapy for children with the goal of helping them learn confidence in their interactions with the world around them. Our sensory room is a safe learning environment that allows the user to build their abilities and explore without risk.


Sensory room therapy may help your child in a variety of areas which may include:


Stimulation of Senses – The room helps the user understand and react with the world around them through various sensory experiences.


Spatial Awareness and Balance – By improving the user’s motor skills as well as their visual processing, sensory rooms can greatly help those with physical disabilities.


Focus – For children with attention disorders, sensory equipment can help users concentrate and enhance their focus.


Communication Skills – Interactive sensory rooms can encourage communication for those who are withdrawn or experience verbal challenges.


Behavior – Sensory rooms can increase behavioral control by providing calming for children who are experiencing behavioral issues due to over stimulation or by giving the child a safe space to interact and explore.